The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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eLicense's value to leaders in digital content is supported by a full featured application, featuring:

Content Protection

Developers and publishers of digital goods -- and owners of any intellectual property -- can rapidly package their assets for online distribution, with any rights model embedded directly into the product. ViaTech ensures secure, large-scale distribution, legitimate usage, and transaction management.

Content Vending

Whether an individual item or an entire Web store of digital goods, eLicense provides the infrastructure that backs up your commercial needs and supports outstanding customer service and delivery.

Rewards Management

for intelligent promotion and customer retention, provides powerful tools for reaching new customers and building loyal customer bases.

eLicense™ works for...

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • PC game developers and publishers
  • Print And Digital Publishers
  • Online And Retail Store Sales
  • Corporate Executives Sharing Confidential Business Information

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Asset Control & Rights Management

eLicense™ leverages best-of-breed technologies from industry leaders to provide you with an open, compatible, and comprehensive digital asset control and rights management platform for:

  • Global, secure management of all your digital assets, even after distribution.
  • Controlled licensing of commercial digital goods.
  • Digital rewards uniquely and securely assigned.
  • Remote administration of assets.
  • On-board payment and licensing functionality built directly into your user interface.
  • Protection within any distribution medium, including downloads, CD pressings, and printouts.