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Front Office Football Seven

Delivery Method: Electronic Download
Platform: Windows
Front Office Football Seven is the seventh installment of Solecismic Software's award-winning professional football simulation.

In Front Office Football, you play the role of your favorite team's general manager. You determine your team's future through trading with opponents, negotiating contracts, bidding for free agents and building through the annual amateur draft.

You can also play the role of the armchair coach, setting game plans and depth charts, or even calling each play from an extensive playbook.

You can determine ticket prices and submit stadium construction plans for public approval. You can even move your team if the public won't properly support your franchise.

The newest version tracks 135 statistics for every athlete who has ever played a down in your league, as well as 182 team and league statistics. Front Office Football features Solevision, a system for watching the enhanced text play-by-play recaps for an entire week's worth of games.

Front Office Football Seven includes a greatly expanded multi-player career mode, allowing you to compete in a league with up to 31 other enthusiastic general managers.
Price: $14.99

The College Years

Delivery Method: Electronic Download
Platform: Windows
The College Years is the college football counterpart to Solecismic Software's award-winning Front Office Football.

In The College Years, you assume the role of the head coach of a major college football team. Each year, you'll recruit athletes from any of nearly 14,000 public high schools modeled in the game, train them and try to build a winning team in the challenging world of college football.

Long-term success in The College Years requires you to win championships, develop your school's academic reputation and build a profitable football program through alumni donations, television revenue and ticket sales.

The College Years is a text-based sports simulation aimed at fans who enjoy the numbers in sports as much as they enjoy the on-field action. The interface focuses on packing enormous amounts of data about each team and athlete into easily accessible lists and charts. The game simulation is depicted through play-by-play descriptions of the on-field action. Coaches can optionally view games through a graphical representation of a stadium scoreboard.
Price: $4.95

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